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Invision Charity Foundation Limited is a registered charity organization recognized by the Hong Kong Government (Registration No. 91/12807). It was formally established in 2013 to set up a purpose as "Convene young leaders, Create a rich environment, Continue contribute and grow" in order to create a world of love, care and prosperity. We are also the agency member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

"IN Volunteer Group" is a non-profit making organization affiliated to Invision Charity Foundation Limited which is mainly formed by graduates of Invision Leadership Program (IN), which leads volunteers to organize different types of large-scale community services and charitable events in order to bring more attention and care to the socially disadvantaged communities and created a love, harmony and inclusive world.

Joining as a volunteer member
We sincerely invite you to join the IN Volunteer Group as a volunteer member, and work with us to ignite love and let love fly.
If you are interested in registering as our volunteer, please click on the link below immediately:

Joining as a service target
The main service targets of our foundation are 8-23 years old disabled students or 8-18 years old children from low-income families. If you are interested in registering as our service target members, please click the link below:

Purpose of Establishment

Convene young leaders
Create a rich environment
Continue contribute and grow

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【黑暗中瑜伽 共創世界紀錄】

  • 2023年09月10日 |

同一天空下·IN197 大型服務【黑暗中瑜伽 共創世界紀錄】用4天的時間,創造了最多視障和模擬視障人士共同參加瑜伽練習的世界紀錄


  • 2023年09月07日 |