Organization Profile - Foundation

Invision Charity Foundation Limited


Mr. Eric Chau


Dr. Chris Lam


Dr. Timax Tsang


Mr. Tin-chee Wong


Ms. Fandy Lee

Development Manager

Ms. Iris Lau

Executive Officer

Ms. Christie Chan

IN Volunteer Group

    1. Coordination Team

      - Prepare the activity plan
      - Project management, setting milestones and timelines for the event
      - contact and coordinate communication and decision making
      - Ensure the overall process is smooth
      - Meeting minutes

    1. Preparatory Committee
      Mr. Ben Ho

    1. Preparatory Committee
      Mr. Eddie Tam

    1. Preparatory Committee
      Ms. Fiona So

    1. Preparatory Committee
      Ms. Money Wong

    1. Operation Team

      - Collection and processing of materials for each team
      - Distribute materials, arrange transportation and logistics
      - Reserve suitable venues and arrange rentals
      - Recognize the venue and the facilities
      - Site preparation, set up and cleaning up

      1. Preparatory Committee
        Mr. Tak Man
    2. Volunteer Team

      - Recruiting volunteers
      - Training volunteers
      - Allocate volunteers
      - Preparation of volunteer guidelines

      1. Preparatory Committee
        Mr. Erwin Lai
      2. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Alice Chiu
      3. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Mina Cheung
    3. Promotion Team

      - Poster and banner design
      - Making a promo
      - Activity photography and filming
      - Inviting event ambassadors, guests, media
      - Writing promotional texts, event ambassadors, media, guest invitations
      - Promote campaigns through various promotional platforms


      1. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Natalie Kwok
      2. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Ting Lee
    4. Organization Team

      - Contact service organisation and clients
      - Maintain close contact and communication with service organisation
      - Develop new partner institutions
      1. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Mandy Lo
      2. Preparatory Committee
        Ms. Shinoi Li