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Kaki Leung and Skye Chan accompanied "Little Angel" to chase their dreams to Tainan

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    Kaki Leung and Skye Chan accompanied "Little Angel" to chase their dreams to Tainan

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Artists Kaki Leung and Skye Chan attended a charity event a few days ago. In their busy schedules, they spent time with disabled children (little angels) from 49 grass-roots families and spent three days and two nights to accompany them with their dream chasing journey. During the journey, the two set foot in Tainan with the little angel. The first stop was to have a buffet at the Queena Plaza Hotel, then set off for Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields to enjoy the sunset, and then experience the local customs of Tainan at Wusheng Night Market. On the second day, they went to the Wanpi World Safari Zoo to experience the nature and family time, and get close to the animals. Then they went to a farm for an angel’s talent show. Finally, setting off  to the Ten Drum Culture Village before returning for the end of the journey.

During the three-day journey, the little angels were extremely curious and excited. At the same time, the patient care and accompany of the parents greatly moved Skye and Kaki, and brought them full of positive energy. At the same time, they experienced the parents' unconditional love. They are even more connected with the crowd, where they appear, there are full of love and joy. In this journey, they have built a deep relationship with the little angels and expressed their expectations for the next reunion.

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