Message from the Chairman

In August 2003, Hong Kong experienced the baptism of SARS and slowly came out of the trough. At that time, most Hong Kong people were asking for a change and began to look for a way out.  Coincidentally, I encountered a course of leadership.  It changed my worldview, I've changed from a person who lives and focus on myself, and to becomes a contributor, who is willing to contribute my ability, and this belief has always affected me even now.

Invision Charity Foundation was established by our graduates with common philosophy and vision. We firmly believe that everyone can become a contributor to illuminate the lives of others.  In our group, we always welcome various kind of people in the society, leaders, we work together and to create a better, more inclusive and loving society!


I invite more graduates to join our volunteer group and continues to contribute and achieve others!


Mr. Eric Chau

Current chairman of the foundation





Givers gain.


The Purpose of is to convene young leaders for the creation of an abundant environment for continuous contribution to society. Since establishment in 2014, we have strived towards this direction.


Over the years, the Foundation have been working with the IN Volunteer Group and different bodies to care for various underprivileged sectors. In addition to holding different community services every month, the Foundation collaborate with the IN Volunteer Group on large-scale charity projects every year, including "Under the Same Sky" to promote harmonious integration of people with disabilities in the community, and "Care in Full Moon" in the Mid-Autumn Festival to give love to the lone elderly and underprivileged families. "Fly for Love" flies teens with disabilities from underprivileged families with their caregivers to realize flying dream, surpassing the impossible. The Foundation spread love and contribution further for international rescue across the region, like school reconstruction in Nepal after the Earthquake. We also tender support to charitable organizations in the mainland China and Taiwan out of love.


Grateful to all volunteers and doners from all walks of life and even other parts of the world for your kind support and friendship, especially the founders and past officers of the IN Volunteer Group. With solid beliefs and commitment, we have created the impossible time after time. The support of all parties encourage us keep improving and striving for excellence. On the road of contribution, we need more people sharing and walking together. We sincerely invite more leaders to join us in contributing to social care for people in need, and creating positive drive for public welfare in different regions.


In future, the Foundation will continue to develop with excellence. In the business wold, contribution may not necessarily be rewarded, and may even experience setbacks. However, I truly believe that benevolence and public welfare are the cornerstones for the promotion of social prosperity, human civilization and world harmony. Let’s make it together!



Dr Timax Tsang

Former chairman of the foundation