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Fly for Love. Hong Kong Disabled Children and adolescents Travelled to Tainan.

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    Fly for Love. Hong Kong Disabled Children and adolescents Travelled to Tainan.

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Forty-nine disabled children and adolescents from Hong Kong participated in the "Fly for Love 2019" event organized by the Hong Kong "IN Volunteer Group" and took the opportunity to travel to Tainan for a three-day and two-night tour by plane to realize their flying dreams. Hong Kong artists Skye Chan and Kaki Leung as the ambassadors for the event accompanied all the way, and thanked all parties in Taiwan for their help in making these children happy and realizing their dreams.

The IN Volunteer Group is affiliated with Hong Kong Invision Charity Foundation Limited. The foundation serves the elderly, the disabled and low-income families. The chairman of the foundation, Eric Chau, said that this year is the seventh year to host the "Fly for Love" event. Assist children with disabilities to realize their dreams of flying and encourage them to be dreamers and imaginers.

He pointed out that the event included a total of two hundred participates including forty-nine children and parents, medical teams and volunteers, and was supported by the Tourism Bureau, China Airlines, Tourism and Travel Bureau, Wanpi World Safari Zoo, Tsou Ma Lai Farm, Ten Drum Culture Village, and HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan, Taipung Suites etc supporting units, provide discounts or free ways for children to have fun, and also feel the unique enthusiasm of Taiwanese.

The organizer took the children to the Ten Drum Culture Village yesterday to experience the facilities, and also held a thanksgiving party giving thanks to the units that provided assistance. Eric Chau pointed out that these children are looking forward to coming to Taiwan before the trip. Besides, enjoying the night market in Tainan, they also visited Wanpi World, Ten Drum Culture Village to have fun and also enjoyed the sunset at Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields. Tainan's delicious food and beautiful view impressed everyone.

Hong Kong artists Skye Chan and Kaki Leung, who acted as ambassadors for the event, accompanied the physically disabled children to Taiwan for the second year. The two said that these children were brave enough to let their dreams take off, and hoped that more people would pay attention to disabled children through various opportunities.

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