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49 Hong Kong physically and mentally disabled children realize their flying dreams by travelling to Taiwan

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    49 Hong Kong physically and mentally disabled children realize their flying dreams by travelling to Taiwan

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Forty-nine disabled children and adolescents from grassroots families in Hong Kong took their first flight from 30 November to 2 December to experience their first trip abroad.

"Fly for Love 2019" was held to help families with disabilities to realize their dreams of flying. It is held by “IN Volunteer Group” and is fully supported by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, China Airlines and Community service institutions from Hong Kong and Taiwan. This event are with parents, medical teams and volunteers, totally more than 200 people, the lineup of event is strong.

Children from Hong Kong have stated during the interview that they are looking forward to visiting Taiwan's night market and trying Taiwan's authentic cuisine, so when they visited Wusheng Night Market, they were very excited and praised the variety and style of Taiwanese snacks.

In addition to visiting the night market, the children also visited the Wanpi World Safari Zoo and got up close to the animals for the first time. The team also visited Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields to enjoy the sunset and visited Ten Drum Culture Village etc.

Bureau of Tourism, Tainan City Government, Chief Secretary Lu Cheng-yi show up personally to cheer for the angels and states that he will fully support us.

After joining the event, the children shared that they never thought that one day they could also take a plane and they were really happy to be able to fulfill their dreams. During the three-day and two-night journey, they can enjoy a beautiful Taiwan tour with your family, feel the unique enthusiasm of the Taiwanese, and return home with some beautiful and happy memories.

The organizing unit “IN Volunteer Group” is affiliated to Invision Charity Foundation, and "Fly for Love" has been held for the seventh year. Mr. Eric Chau, Chairman of Invision Charity Foundation said, "Children with disabilities in grassroots families may not have the opportunity to travel with their families. Flying may be an unimaginable experience for them. Through realizing their flying dreams, we would like to let them believe that in the future they can be dreamers! "

The IN Volunteer Group organized a special appreciation ceremony for the parents of the children during the journey, giving the thanks to the long-term caregivers who have been working hard and improving their self-worth, thereby giving them the power to continue this difficult path. Dr. Chris Lam, director of Foundation added that, "Fly for Love is not just a three-day, two-night event. Through a series of activities before and after the journey, we also let parents understand a group of families with similar backgrounds, so as to establish a support network for parents in the future. They can continue to support and encourage each other."

This event is supported by various institutions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including discounts or fee waiver for air tickets, hotels, transportation and attractions. The main supporting units this time include Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan), Bureau of Tourism, Tainan City Government, Kaohsiung International Airport, Tainan Airport, China Airlines, Wanpi World Safari Zoo, Tsou Ma Lai Farm, HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan, Taipung Suites, Ten Drum Culture & Creativity Co. Ltd. and so on, let Hong Kong families feel the unique warmth and enthusiasm of Taiwanese!

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